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2017/18 autumn and winter key single product: Lady's coat / Jacket / coat
- Apr 22, 2017 -

    Foreign affairs and Western Affairs

Suit is the key theme of this season, the first single product, the west is a very modern gas field modeling. To increase the proportion of the shoulder with the box, the use of wool and Prince Welsh Plaid fabrics and so on, to create a strong male style.

   Belt jacket

Loose waist jacket modified waist, stressed through the autumn and winter of the female version of 2017/18. Jackets and the use of cloth cloth with the west of the belt, or with the color of the belt for the elegant version of the contrast effect.


   Fur jacket

True and false fur in the winter dominated, designers are innovative ways to update the classic jacket. The design is the key to cut off, bright jewelry color for the appearance of adding youthful vitality. The natural color of the skin is very popular, exudes retro charm in 40s.


   Quilted jacket

From the amount of cotton coat to the short down jacket, quilted coat is still in demand. The three-dimensional and embossed quilting lead a new trend, from technology to luster satin, all kinds of fabrics have. Satin quilted quilted jacket.


   Male coat

Men's coat has drawn this season's custom elements, derived from the proportion of men's clothing is the best proof. Casual wide shoulders and long sleeved design is a feature of this style. Wool cashmere blend, men's classic Plaid tweed and textured wool fabric for this type of custom coat to increase the sense of foreign design.


   Shoulder coat

The volume of the outer coat is not reduced, the coat is designed with oval shape, and the soft and rounded shoulder shape is made to increase the proportion slightly. From the luxury cashmere blend, men's plaid, textured wool made from the collapse of the shoulder coat easy to wear, practical leisure.



Durable coat of dust once again enable the sense of volume cutting, dense cotton fabric and lightweight wool the most elegant. Super windshield, widening belt, wide sleeves exposed utility, for the classic style of modern style.

   Fur coat

The luxury of a fine fur coat with a slightly larger long version of the natural color and fur to reproduce the theme of women in 40s. Designers use patch stitching and different lengths of genuine fur and fur coats, both tactile and three-dimensional appearance.


   Sheep leather coat

Soft sheepskin coat for this series of new ideas, neutral color and pink wax color is the key. Sheep leather collar is still a classic; patch and splicing process for the design of modern.

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