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Current situation of the development of anti-static fabrics at home and abroad
- Jan 18, 2017 -

Due to delayed development, production of conductive fibers in China, until the end of the century, my defense of electrostatic fabric, a very small proportion of imported production of anti-static conductive fiber fabrics, mostly of ordinary fabric antistatic electrochemical finishing, or to substitute good hygroscopic cotton fabric for anti-static fabrics. Anti-static fabric is no test standard, anti-static clothing testing reference Japan, static-safety guidelines to develop anti-static clothing until the late 80 's GB12014-89 test standards.

Study on the conductive fiber began in the 80 's of the last century, from the last century to the beginning of the century, our country has developed a stainless steel metal fibre, polyamide based, polyester based carbon-containing conductive fiber, polyamide based, polyester base oxide-containing conductive fiber, which promotes the production of anti-static fabrics, and foster a number of enterprise specializing in the development and production of antistatic fabrics. In particular reference to Europe, America and Japan anti-static fabric standards, develop GB12014-2009 anti-static fabrics, clothing standards, our performance of anti-static fabrics, even more than in Europe, America and Japan anti-static fabric performance requirements.