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Fur clothing, how to maintain, wet fur, clothing natural drying
- Jul 08, 2017 -

Fur clothing, how to maintain, wet fur, clothing natural drying

According to relevant experts, fur conservation is very important in time. As a kind of luxury clothing brand precious fabrics commonly used, fur products in the maintenance of the restrictions and fetters to you to do the following 8 points, it can make your fur "longevity":

1, in place of fur, to avoid direct sunlight and hot and humid places.

2. Use a hanger with a shoulder pad to hang the fur. Do not use wire hangers to avoid fur damage or deformation.

3, in the storage of fur, be sure to high permeability, do not use plastic bags, when necessary, you can use large cloth bag wrapped in leather, separated from dust.

4, when wearing fur, try not to spray perfume or hair gel, because these chemicals contain alcohol, will make fur dry.

5. If you don't wet your fur carefully, don't try to blow it dry with a hair dryer. Just hang the wet fur in the dry place and let it dry naturally.

6, during the trip, please put on the coat offurcover cloth inside. Do not use plastic or rubber lined pockets, because this texture will prevent air circulation andfur breathing.

7, please do not comb or brush fur hair needle.

8. A fur garment must be cleaned by a fur specialist every year. Dust and stains will be removed during the cleaning process.

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