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Windbreaker shopping, you can look at the need
- Jul 08, 2017 -

Windbreaker shopping, you can look at the need


"A part of" the so-called "a part of" windbreaker, refers to the coat lapel. It is the face of a windbreaker, so it must be straight and not allow a broken line. Experts say, if buy windbreaker, found on the front line, can confidently to the store to exchange.

Zip and button

A windbreaker, every day wear off times of not less than 4 times, so, whether the zipper quality, directly affect the service life of the coat - coat zipper is very long, if broken, it replaced the general store could not find suitable zipper. Even to the appropriate length of the zipper, because the molding to open clothing replacement, again suture, is bound to undermine the overall appearance. So, when buying a windbreaker, be sure to see whether the zipper is using the YKK brand -- YKK is the top brand in the zipper, and the quality of the YKK zipper is guaranteed. Similarly, when shopping for a windbreaker, be sure to try the copy button. Not too tight or too loose. A good windbreaker brand, before making the windbreaker, will send fabric to the production of copy button manufacturers, please ask them according to fabric to match the appropriate copy button, in case it did not go through a few times, the cloth was broken by the button.


A good windbreaker must be waterproof. How to make the fabric soft and waterproof, the secrets of its own. But one thing is for sure, when you buy a windbreaker, you can ask the salesperson to pour the water onto the windbreaker to test its water resistance. If the water rolls on a windbreaker, just like a drop of water on a lotus leaf, then you can go out in a light rain with only a windbreaker.

Fusible Interlining

In the front lining interlining bonding, when buying people can not see, but it also determines the quality of life of coat. If the producers are using inferior adhesive lining, washed one or two times, and the separation of adhesive lining will fly, making the "one wrinkled parts". Do you still have to wear such a windbreaker? "Passer by" the dust coat, the selection is Germany's "Bao Ling" adhesive lining. How a good law, experts say too professional, and temporarily do not understand. However, there is one point to listen to - - "Bao Ling" in the provision of adhesive lining, will require manufacturers to provide fabric samples, because different fabrics suitable for lining different.


Although the style of windbreaker was first developed from Europe, but the European version of windbreaker is not necessarily suitable for Chinese people. Take for example the neck collar, Asians generally than Europeans are short, so wear Liling European version of the coat, collar may be too long. According to the measurement of "passerby", Chinese men buy collar windbreaker, the collar is generally 6 cm high. Other details selected should be noted are: from the collar should be rounded, even excessive; try on, sleeve than the clothes inside the long 1 - 2 centimeters; shoulder smooth wear, to lift the arm, to see whether there is shoulder oppression.

Classic brand

Burberry (Burberry)

Classic plaid patterns, unique fabric features and generous, elegant cut...... In some dictionaries, "Burberry" means a windbreaker. In early 1879, Thomas Burberry after several studies, with a unique technique made of a waterproof, breathable, durable fabric wrinkle. Burberry named the fabric "gabardine" and used it as a registered trademark of Burberry for 40 years. Launched in 1901, the first windbreaker, wearing light, versatile features, quickly became fashionable in europe. With traditional, refined design style and product production, in 1955, Burberry won the "Royal Warrant (Royal)" badge awarded by Queen Elizabeth. In 1989, Burberry won the royal crown pledge of Prince Welsh.

London Fog (Lun Dunwu)

With more than 80 years of history, the United States London Fog (Lun Dunwu) windbreaker is the brand's most iconic products. In 1922, Maryland in the United States of Baltimore, two local entrepreneurial awareness and challenge the spirit of British descendants of immigrants registered the name "LONDON TOWN CO." company, designed for celebrities made high-grade men's coat. Over the years London Fog products with excellent quality, its long history in the world enjoys a high reputation, has long been popular in more than 20 European countries, by celebrities like, become the preferred brand of famous garment elite from all walks of life.

Trench coat collocation

Grace: long coat collocation pants in the dress or length

Jixi windbreaker forever is synonymous with elegance, and the collocation of the skirt this season or five minutes of pants is charming, open windbreaker, instantly create a three-dimensional full collocation effect.

Fresh and sweet -- long gown with long skirt

A classical style of lining windbreaker, loose dress peace bottom shoe with the pastoral atmosphere full, wear a coat of sweet new style.

Mature sexy - direct wear of long clothes

The secret in the long coat out of sexy taste is to put it as a dress directly mounted dress, can choose a chic belt on the waist, elegant women walking in between the lines vaguely revealed, let people fall into a reverie.

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