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Tights Show Slim Figure
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Tight pants, also known as underwear, because the tight pants can bring out the body curve, especially the tight pants to outline the lower body curve, so that their waist and hip is more perfect, so that the legs look slender; so won the female favorite , Pants Leggings Tight pants with the coat to wear, and can give you pocketed the rate, such as wearing this:

Tight pants all Fanghua elements, simple and useful planning, fashionable deployment, fabric soft and comfortable, so the time to wear tight pants, can bring comfortable sports experience beauty.

Tight pants do not look at it thin, soft cloth, wearing a very warm, Pants Leggings blue gives a clear and rich feeling, fashionable dress, it is to bring out a person's temperament.

For pantyhose pants, do not put the buttocks on the outside, and use the coat to cover the buttocks. Otherwise, the high elasticity of the pantyhose will expose your body, Pants Leggings it is very unsightly.

Leg thicker women, do not choose color printed tights, because the color printing will make people feel more thick legs.

High transparency and private parts of the narrow pants, Pants Leggings try not to wear, because it is bad women's clothing style, to avoid others that you exposed mad.

Choose your tights according to your body

Slim, symmetrical women who can wear.

A full-bodied woman advises you to wear dark, tonal pants.

Small belly prominent women the best choice for high waist tight pants, legs thicker choice of flexible tights.

Tights selection of cotton high-profile fine twill, perfectly inclusive of various body. Upper body was very thin, simple and the atmosphere, put on the pants can be beautiful to go out, the quality of the whole is particularly attractive. Fashion fresh, coupled with the predecessor of the unique embroidery hollow design, the upper body will have a girl next door temperament, fashion Western style. With shoes are very nice to see, Pants Leggings at the same time with it effortlessly, put on the popular tight pants out of it, absolutely not pick the body.

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