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Cashmere Emergency Decontamination Methods
- Jan 18, 2017 -

• Coffee or tea

Solution: towels available water, wring dry erase in a timely manner. If partner the milk, to wipe a small amount of detergent. Stuck for a long time, then wipe with vinegar.

• Ice cream

Solution: wash the dry part of the brush off with a small brush and then brush with a brush dipped lotion (be careful not to brush pilling), the last dry towel rub the twist light wipe.

• Milk

Solution: using superheated water dip the cloth to gently wipe and wipe residual oil lotion, wipe off, try alcohol, when the dirt after cleaning, or is sent to the dry cleaners dry cleaning.

• Ink

Solution: wipe with tissue paper after the paper repeated wipe with vinegar, or with oxalic acid.

• Lipstick, Foundation

Solution: wipe gently with a tissue paper to pick, and then rub with lotion. Lipstick will rub higher, so people from outside to inside carefully wipe.

• Fruit juices

Solution: when they first touch, use cloth with warm water and wipe, if still stains, you can use the lotion rub.

• Wine, perfume

Workaround: to prevent the proliferation, sprinkle salt on it first, and then with a soft brush, and finally, alcohol wipe with a cloth damped in water or lotion.

• Blood

Solution: wipe clean with a paper and then wipe with hydrogen peroxide, stranded for too long blood can also be erased.

• Musty, mud

Solution: dry, with a brush, then vacuum tip suction. Finally, completely removed with alcohol, lotions.