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Fur Clothing Maintenance Of Common Sense
- Jan 18, 2017 -

1. the enemy of fur is light and humidity. So when you place the furs, to avoid direct sunlight and humid places.

2. shoulder pad rack to hang fur, do not use wire clothes hangers, so as to avoid fur breakage or deformation.

3. when the fur is saved, make sure ventilation and high, do not use plastic bags, if necessary with large pockets on the fur, separated with dust.

4. When you wear fur, try not to wear perfume or Hairspray chemicals because these products contain alcohol, can cause leather to become dry.

5. If we are not careful to wet fur, do not try to use hair dryer to blow dry. Simply wet fur hanging in a dry and cool place and let it air-dry.

6. a fur garments must be handed over to the leather experts every year to clean, dust and stains will be removed during the cleaning process.

7. when traveling, please put the fur coat in cloth covers. Do not use plastic or rubber line pockets, because this will prevent the air circulation and fur texture to breathe.

8. do not comb or brush fur wool.

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