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History Of Windbreaker
- Jul 08, 2017 -

History of windbreaker

-Gabardine denim coat (gabardine), for the sake of real wear durable properties, soon widely used by British pilots and army. In 1901, Burberry designed the first coat, a war broke out, the Burberry coat is designated as the senior British army uniforms, and for military purposes, in the design of modified double breasted, shoulder and back cover thick warm, waist with D metal belt loops, and for ammunition, saber Trench Coat! Until today, if you want to check the word "dust coat" in English Oxford dictionary, you will find that "Burberry" has become another pronoun of "dust coat", which is of great significance! And originally used in the inside of the windbreaker, plaid appeared for the first time in 1924, and the elegant and fashionable tonality has been widely used until today.

Trench coat story

In Europe and Japan, men have an average of more than three coats. They are like suits and shirts. They are men's clothes, and they are also a vehicle for showing their style and taste. Many people dare to try windbreaker, thought it must be tall man's patent, in fact as long as thecoat understanding, find tips, any size people wear coat will be very stylish, with a history of grace. A trance in the mind; a passage through the film. From "man" to "coat" Casablanca, not their own material has been set for a film like scenery.

Windbreaker was originally a windproof and waterproof functional clothing, the traditional view that windbreaker originated in northern Europe in the 1000 bc. However, when the windbreaker actually tends to aristocratic carat Meese appearance, and some ancient Chinese cloak is not far off, on the true meaning of the coat, is originated from the working people. The ancient coat completely for practical purposes, the fabric is used in dense thick fabric, style emphasis functionality, the wearer can resist the cold wind and rain hit, and can move freely, complete all kinds of work. After that, the classical clothes which were born in this work were widely adopted by all the army. In the first World War, the British army often hard trench warfare in rainy weather. In order to make military uniforms can adapt to the war environment, a British clothing merchant, designed for use waterproof coat trench abroad this coat, called "trench service". Formally adopted by the British in 1918. This coat is in front of the original style double breasted collar can open and shut, a belt, shoulder loops, loop sleeve, raglan sleeve, a flash, on the chest and back cover cloth, to prevent rainwater infiltration, hem is large, easy activity. At that time the only man wearing a coat, with the changes of the times and gradually evolved to popular folk, won the ladies of the court and eventually became the favorite, people chasing fashion, enduring, continues today. Although the windbreaker models are changing, but the basic design is the style of trench coat.

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