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How Does A Fat Woman Match Her Clothes?
- Apr 21, 2018 -

How does a fat woman match her clothes? MM may meet such problems when wearing a pair of clothes. The key to the fat and short MM is to show the weight of the fat.

How do women match their clothes? Try to choose V collar clothes.

MM will have a baby fat face, what to do by wearing a dress with a thin face, of course, the choice of V collar clothes, it shows thin face is a powerful, clavicle will show the beauty of the United States. The blue sweater looks white and moving, the collocation of the white dress is the finishing touch of the whole dress, life is to have a kind of style, life is to be so relaxed and natural.

How does a fat woman match her clothes?

Bubble sleeve clothing is the arm of the arm worship star, the wide sleeve design can ingeniously block the meat on the arm, even without the perfect line, it can bring your arm fine visual effect, the summer is to quickly use the bubble sleeve to become tall and thin beauty bar.

How does a fat woman match her clothes? Choose seven point wide leg pants or half length medium skirts.

Small fat MM is generally the face, thick legs and other parts more full, especially the pear shape MM please see, choose the broad leg pants or half of the long skirt can well cover meat, but also show thin show high and obvious temperament, the girl is not high in the choice of skirt and broad leg pants when the choice of length Oh, the general seven minutes leg pants just just OK, and in recent years, the popularity of wide leg trousers and mid length skirts is very popular. It is very popular to be thin, and at the same time, it can raise the fashion value.

Now let me tell you a few tips to show you how to match thin and thin people.

Fat people dressing skills one: the fat MM in the upper body

You can use a suit jacket to help you close your line of sight and open your coat. You'd better choose a light coat in a dark coat, so that the line of sight will fall on the light coat. The part that is covered by the coat will be weakened, and you look so small.

The dressing technique of fat people two: MM with meat in the waist.

The meat on the waist is the most easy to hide, the key lies in the waist line, properly raise the waist line, the moment will make a short girl look high, and can help you get the meat in the waist, high waist pants, dress or shorts are all good choices, the short MM remember with a rough heel heel Oh, rough heel High heels are more suitable for obese girls than thin and high-heeled shoes.

Fat people dressing skills three: a slightly larger MM

The hip is too big, can try to use the elegant skirt ingeniously cover meat, also can try to match the black line clothes, black is the most thin, a black vest on a black shorts, there will be an unexpected thin effect. A longer shirt or cardigan can be used to cover the hips.

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