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How Should Wool Coats Match?
- Jul 30, 2018 -

1. Good quality clothes will show temperament

By the end of the year, everyone's desire to buy is relatively strong. For girls, they prefer to buy some cosmetics and some clothing. In fact, in winter, everyone is advised to buy some clothes with better texture, because good quality clothes will look temperament when worn on the body. So, do you know what kind of clothing is appropriate? You are advised to choose a fine wool coat. Do you know the relevant wearing method?

2. Pair with slim pants and look good

If your usual dress style is simple and clean, then the style of the wool coat can also choose a simple style, which will be more in line with your overall style. With a pair of slim feet, showing a figure, and then wearing a pair of high heels, it looks feminine.

3. With leggings and ankle boots to keep warm and show up

When the weather is cold, we wear clothes not only for good looks, but also for good health. Warming measures still need to be done well. Some black leggings are warm and thin. Wearing a pair of booties on the feet, warm and thick.

4. Choose wide leg pants more fashionable

If you want to make your fashion look a bit more stylish. Then the popular wide-leg pants must be started. This kind of trousers is the heart-loving love of street-shooting people. If your body is taller, it is recommended to choose the wide-leg pants that are mopping the floor. Because casually pairing with any single item will look very good, and winter and wool coats are paired together, Europe and the United States are full.

5.Wool coat attention maintenance

This kind of material coat, usually everyone should pay attention to maintenance, do not wash it often, or it will reduce the warmth of clothes. Do not put it in the washing machine when cleaning, it should be more reliable in a professional wash shop.