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How To Identify The Fleece Quality Of Good Or Bad?
- Jan 18, 2017 -

First you determine, which aspect of it was used for. For example: making blankets, clothes and so on. This requires each customer's needs under normal circumstances, making long fiber fleece blanket the majority. Fleece staple a little higher than the price of long-fibre fleece. Spun polyester yarn fleece from the 32S weaving it in English (100% polyester spun polar fleece) Heather grey fleece and it is a staple polar fleece.

Length fibre fleece made of polyester filament, polyester 150D96F, and 150D48F, 150D144F, and 150D288F, and 75D72F, 75D144F, 100D144F, and 100D288F etc made. Its English expression (100% polyester filament polar fleece), in the General case, higher values of f, fabric felt good, higher price of polar fleece. For example, 100D144F, 150D144F, polar fleece they already belong to is micro polar fleece. Long-fibre fleece can be divided into low-elastic yarn Fleece (DTY), light wire (FDY) their English is (100% polyester Micro-polar fleece). Quality is on the origin of Shanghai and Jiangsu Kunshan, Changzhou and Jiangyin, a little higher.

In addition, the polar fleece is more common in general exception: stripes (woven or yarn), shearing machine marks or straight, heaped with indentation caused by too long, holes (brusher) about yin and Yang Mao (exhibition caused Brora), trace (dyed), water (shaking machine for steam condensed water), and so on.