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How To Maintain Leather?
- Feb 21, 2018 -

As a seasonal fashion, the leather is also kept longer than other garments. Therefore, the correct maintenance and storage is particularly important. So, what are the maintenance methods of leather? I don't know. Let's see.

First, leather maintenance methods

1, Leather Material: In the introduction of leather maintenance methods, we first look at the main components of leather, the general leather more from Pigskin, sheepskin, cowhide made. And these leather products in the Huangmeitian and rainy season is extremely easy to mold damp, so when we wear the usual when the rain, should be timely to use dry towels or cloth to wipe it off. When the leather is contaminated, it needs cleaning, leather cleaning and maintenance is quite elegant, in the "How to clean the fur" in detail.

2, Leather Wrinkle: When the fur is wrinkled, the treatment method and other clothing treatment is basically the same, you can use an electric iron, but the temperature should not be too high, generally in the 55 degree or so the best, but in the operation is not the same as ordinary clothing operation, should be constantly changing the iron, So he could not inject all the calories into a certain area of the leather, which could easily damage the fur.

3, leather into the cabinet: when the season turns, the leather has to enter the wardrobe beautiful sleep, when the next spring and autumn to offer the United States, and at this time in the stacking closet clothes, should also be placed in the top of all clothing, if conditions permit, preferably with a hanger hanging, because once the fur coat is a very troublesome thing.

4, Leather color: When the color of the leather is not too bright, you can be on it, the use of leather special polish can, so as to maintain the color of the beloved leather long bright eyes, give people feel very spirit. Second, leather maintenance with what oil shoes with shoe polish, leather with maintenance oil.  All the leather products need our careful care, the price of a day, the maintenance of what we have now, is to save money. Cold winter past, take advantage of the sun, many people have to wash brush. Many winter coats need to be maintained and stored. Only good care of leather, then the next year to take out the time to wear to ensure her quality. Whether the leather care is the same as the human skin, the difference is really large, good maintenance of leather, often more resistant to wear. Leather maintenance, indispensable is the leather maintenance oil. Although you can choose to professional shop maintenance leather, but the price is relatively high.  I suggest that the general wage earners can buy their own leather maintenance oil, simple maintenance, in fact, can also be similar to the effect of professional maintenance. The main ingredient of leather maintenance oil is grease, organic solvent and waterproof agent. Grease has animal fat or vegetable oil, more common is sheep fat. After wiping the leather, the nutrients in the maintenance oil can quickly penetrate the leather, moisturize the leather, but do not hurt the fur. The use of leather maintenance oil, you can have glazing, repair, mildew effect. The use of the method is also very simple: with the maintenance of oil to wipe the surface of leather, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth, you can play an effect.  Here I tell you a little trick, in order to prevent the maintenance of oil will not cause irreparable damage to the leather, we can wipe a large area before, first in the leather (not easily seen in the place) have the same leather, the first small wipe, to determine that there is no adverse reactions, and then do a positive treatment, such a method will be more appropriate.  Maintenance oil has a certain decontamination effect, but the main role is maintenance, preferably in the use of leather detergent after decontamination, the effect is better. The type of leather maintenance oil is also divided into colorless, black, brown and other colors, we can according to their own leather color to control the choice. The general leather Maintenance oil is valid for 3 years, it does not need a lot of use, or relatively economic benefits.