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How To Match Long Cardigan With Clothes, 5 Kinds Of Dressing Skills To Build A Good Figure
- Apr 21, 2018 -

The long style cardigan with what clothes, has always been the topic of attention, in view of some problems, through the level collocation often can achieve unexpected results, conversely, the collocation is not good, it will appear bloated and ordinary. Next, Xiaobian combined with pictures to tell you how long the cardigan looks good with the clothes.

Classic collocation 1: a long cardigan with a T-shirt

Fashion point: for long style cardigan, T-shirt fabric is delicate and soft, which can be contrasted or complemented with it, so it is more suitable for body to wear. The type of T - shirt is quite rich, like the popular stripes tee, lattice tee, pure white tee and other clothes are very fashionable, with pencil pants or high waist shorts to match up and down, so can show a good figure.

LOOK1 long cardigan + lattice T - shirt + Pencil jeans

LOOK2 long cardigan + striped tee+ hole pencil pants

LOOK3 long cardigan + letter tee+ Waist Shorts

Classic collocation two: long cardigan and cowboy shirt

Fashion point: cowboy shirt has a little more sense of hardness than T-shirt, but it is also a very popular clothing item. With the long cardigan, this hard and soft combination, can collide with a different fashion sense. The low tone color is very suitable for leisure and play. The neckline of the shirt plays a role in the outline of the cardigan.

LOOK4 long cardigan + cowboy shirt + white hole pants

LOOK5 long cardigan + cowboy shirt + white seven - minute pants

Classic collocation three: a long cardigan and a plaid shirt

Fashion point: lattice shirt is also a classic classic all day clothes, almost every year is one of the protagonists of the jacket. The trellis shirt and the long cardigan collocate, give a young and fresh artistic youth image, and the stripe to the visual impact, can also add a lot of light to the overall shape!

LOOK6 long cardigan + plaid shirt + black pencil pants

LOOK7 long cardigan, plaid shirt and hole seven minute pants

Classic collocation four: long cardigan and short shirt

Fashion point: a long cardigan can make use of the collocation of clothes to modify the figure, in which the short jacket and high waist trousers are combined, the leg lengthening effect is very obvious, this group is very helpful to the short MM!

LOOK8 long cardigan + knit knit and casual pants

LOOK9 long cardigan + navel jacket + broken jeans

Classic collocation five: a long cardigan plus a dress

Fashion point: to match long cardigan, skirt selection is also particularly important. For loose clothing, try to choose waist type or close fitting dress, so it won't show bloated. Secondly, do not choose the type of knee, so as to reduce the dull feeling brought by the fabric.

LOOK10 long cardigan and knitted dress

LOOK11 long cardigan and stitching dress

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