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Identify The True And False Leather (jacket).
- Jan 28, 2018 -

(1) Appearance identification: leather cowhide leather jacket appearance has obvious pores, there are certain rules, but the rule is not very strong, often the surface thickness is not very consistent, and some can reveal the scars of the animal skin itself, clothing not exposed parts, such as collar, hood, armpit, and so on, the use of poor quality, The leather that is distinctly different from the part of the body (of course, special haute fur may be excepted). But the appearance of the leather leather jacket is not obvious, but the regularity is very strong, the surface thickness is uniform, no scar, clothing not exposed parts of the material and the front no difference. For suede clothing, the appearance of uneven texture, the length of the villi are different for the leather clothing, the contrary may be fake leather clothing.

(2) section and leather identification: To get a leather leather jacket, the idea to find the leather section and the opposite side to help identify its true and false. Leather skin leather jacket of the leather section is irregular fiber-like, nails to dig its cross-section, will appear fluffy thickening phenomenon. The end of the fake skin is a regular textile fabric, more rigid. From the opposite side, the dermis is not uniform in appearance, Non-woven fiber-like. The leather leather jacket has most of the textile cloth, even the wovens base, the base texture is very uniform.

(3) Hand-handle identification: leather suede jacket feel comfortable, there is fullness, softness and a certain sense of warmth. Leather leather leather jacket is nearly plastic, full, soft and poor, no warm feeling.

(4) Water absorption identification: The real cowhide leather jacket surface water absorption is good, but the false skin and this is opposite, has the good water resistance. Use hand dip water, wipe on the surface of leather leather jacket, observe its absorbent, such as absorbent good, for the dermis, such as water absorption is poor or not at all, mostly fake leather leather jacket.