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Knowledge Of Fabric And Knitted Fabric Polar Fleece
- Jan 18, 2017 -

Polar fleece in the early 90 's in China, Taiwan, and in the mid 90 's, in Quanzhou, Fujian started to make polar fleece, they are Taiwan's technology. Prices are relatively high. Later in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Changshu and Wuxi and Changzhou areas started to make polar fleece. Looking at the level of domestic production of polar fleece, polar fleece quality in Jiangsu area OK, polar fleece in Zhejiang area price better. Addition of polar fleece printing and plain, plain polar fleece according to personal requirements, can be divided into polar fleece, embossed polar fleece (emboss polar fleece), jacquard polar fleece (Jacquard polar fleece), and so on. Printed polar fleece according to the printing material is different, there is penetration printing, gum printing, transfer printing color more than more than 200 varieties.

Under normal circumstances, polar fleece, prices are lower than those in woolen cloth fabric. There are a lot of clothes, scarves are made of polyester 150D96F fleece directly. General clothing fleece quality requirements are not too high.

Shake grain velvet also need note some quality problem, General shake grain velvet compared common of exception: has cross article (weaving machine or yarn), shearing machine marks or straight article, heap pressure had long by led to of pressure marks, broken hole (brush Mao Ji), around yin and Yang hair (exhibition greeteth pulled caused), color track (dyeing), water track (shake grain machine steam gas condensation water) and so on.

1, polar fleece is different than ordinary fabric what? where is the advantage?

It is a small silver piece knitted, woven in circular knitting machine, woven fabric after dyeing, then by a brushed, combed hair, shorn, fleece and other complex finishing treatment, side brushed, fleece fluffy dense and difficult hair, ball, opposite napping sparse sparse symmetry, hair short, elasticity of tissue texture clear, fluffy is especially good.

It is close to two domestic product of choice cold in winter.