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Ladies Winter Long Coat Was Tall And Was Wearing Thin?
- Aug 19, 2017 -

Ladies winter long coat was tall and was wearing thin?

Is it again that last autumn winter season seems to be streaking over the state? Wear sister also have the same feelings, when, until it encounters a long coat in the closet corner ah, so familiar, yes, this goods classic but pick height.

Is not to last autumn and winter seemed to be streaking over? Wear sister also have the same feelings, when, until it encounters a long coat in the closet corner ah, so familiar, yes, this goods classic but pick height.

Wear wear elder sister think about, want to show high, last year is how to run in with it?......

Laziest way: long coat, waistband high

No matter you will direct your coat on collocation, wear, belt to high waist position, use a little force, leaving traces of waistline.

Suede fabric with all labels, slim and tall.

This pink obviously advanced, and also lining color, not to wear out the village Xiaofang LOW powders. High waist + collar configuration, instantly have long legs and face.

The elegant way: in a high waisted skirt

So it how to change the coat color, inside white shirt + dark waist skirt steadfast. At this point there is a golden cut, the body ratio, windbreaker, of course, open to wear.

Long retro pleated skirt can catch a scene this year ride, while the handsome long coat foil into a long period of the classic.

Want to look more alive, can put the coat color of the horse for the Kalong light color, light blue summer breath, double coat is necessary to warm winter.

Smart way: take the high waist pants

You should dress more handsome than pants, also can choose high waist paragraph camouflage 2 meters long legs, with appropriate slender ankle strength + action bursting.

2 back top

Not afraid of cold, showing a little ankle, with short boots, lifting a throw, throw cold resistance. The coat is loose enough, contracted to a long coat without too much design sense, and how to match it is the correct way to open it.

The long coat sweater version sporadic puzzle mesmerization, soft and soft texture can easily make you feel all warm, relaxed sleep.

Advanced customization: one color inside

We take the same color, then paired with a long coat, with a look very expensive feeling. Do not need to deliberately marked waist where the brain will make up the proportion of all the legs below the chest.

Inside a yard of color and coat with cold color collocation, in the winter to play a small fresh, especially refreshing. Show a little inside, cuff, and more distinct sense of hierarchy.

Both inside and outside are made of dark colors, and the atmosphere of autumn and winter is more intense. The coat doesn't wear well. It looks like you know the pace of fashion.

Show a rich and rich way: solid dress, skirt + Pink / nude long coat

We should be above the knee length skirt, with high heels automatically stretched legs the proportion of white powder + senior senior or nude have come out from the family business, no worries about food and drink just buy buy buy and beautiful ladies feeling.

Such a collocation should fear the cold, or the day plan to warm indoor activities; two to speech and deportment and graceful, after all you wear out is a cultured and elegant ladies fan children, don't open a walk will destroy the whole style.

Behind the increase in waistline design of nude long coat, so that the proportion looks better, leaving a figure to others, but also cause infinite reverie.

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