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Leather Clothing, Such As Leather Jackets, Leather, Leather Pants, Warm Is Better Than Other Materials?
- Feb 17, 2018 -

Warmth of this kind of thing is very subjective things, unlike air permeability or other performance, warmth can not be measured by instrumentation, in general, the thicker the cloth, the smaller the gap between the fibers, the less easily breathable, the so-called warmth is also better. Under the same thickness condition, the dermis will not have large voids, only in the interior of the point-like micro-pore moisture perspiration, the equivalent of human sweat glands, and most fabrics do not have such characteristics, so like ordinary knitwear and woven fabric effect certainly no good leather, but high-density fabrics can be close to such effect, For example, some of the emergency clothing is the use of this principle. The reason why the feather is warm is because of the hollow structure inside the feather, which reduces the temperature diffusion.