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Men's Jacket Selection Skills
- May 15, 2017 -

Men's jackets have appeared early in the development of human society. Ancient people can find a variety of materials around the rough "clothes" for the body care. The first clothes of mankind were made of animal skins, and the earliest "fabric" wrapped in the body was made of hemp fiber and grass. In the primitive society stage, mankind began a simple textile Men's Coat production, collecting wild textile fibers, scissors knitting for use. With the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, artificial cultivation of textile raw materials gradually increased, making clothing tools from simple to complex and continuous development of clothing materials are also increasing varieties.

Men's jacket selection skills

1. Fabric: whether waterproof, windproof, warm is the main parameters of the choice of jacket.

2. Edition: European version of the jacket for a higher figure, the Japanese version of the jacket is suitable for relatively petite little.

3. Whether the collar can stand up, and to ensure that the collar after the arc transition evenly, little or no wrinkles.

4. Should the shoulder be smooth? Try, must lift the left and right arm to see if there is pressure on the shoulder.

5. Check the jacket front is symmetrical, and check the sewing needle and arc transition is uniform.

6. Hands are inserted in the jacket pocket, check whether the opening line, and the pocket position is appropriate, and the belt in the pocket to see if it is appropriate.

7. sleeves to be longer, the best than the inside of the clothes 1-2 cm long.

8. Take off your clothes, pick up your collar with one hand, and check if the coat is self-weighing.

Most of the men put the outermost piece of clothing as a coat. However, these styles of different jackets in fact each have their own name.

As a mature man in the community to survive, whether from the literacy or identity level or age, clothes dress is very important. Dress is the most important factor in giving the first impression. Relative to the ladies clothing, the men's Men's Coat jacket is more focused on the quality and brand, then the men's clothing which brand better? Men's clothing replacement rate is far from the replacement of women's clothing fast, so the quality of clothing requirements to be higher. Men how to choose a jacket, men's clothing which brand is good?

Men both in the brand or style are less than women, but more stress than women's quality. With the development of the times, clothing styles more and more rich, generally a brand in a variety of style styles have, so the most important thing is to Men's Coat first find a good brand. Men's jacket What brand of good or bad will directly determine the clothes to wear the texture of the body, for a person's temperament image is very large, with a style style clothes, roadside stalls and well-known brand clothing to wear out the feeling will be very different. Then the men should choose what kind of coat it? Men's jacket what brand is good or bad how to choose? Brand larger clothing in the quality will win, but the price will be much more expensive. So men's jacket

In the brand to do the choice, but also according to the cost of clothing point of view.

Men's jacket do not blindly pursue a good brand, it is the most important, as long as the quality is good, any brand can be, and must not have to rank the first few Big name brand.