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The Collocation Skill Of The Women's Long Coats
- Jul 18, 2017 -

The Collocation Skill Of The Women's Long Coats

How to wear clothes to be thin? Long coats can be very good occlusion of fat, play a thin effect, and then use some collocation skills, instantly let you farewell to the bloated feeling, wear fashionable. At the same time, a variety of styles of women's long jacket is the best choice mm. Small weave for everyone brought some women long jacket collocation, let the tide wear together you through the spring.

With 1, wave point women long jacket + black trousers

If you add a wave pattern to a woman's long coat, it will look fresh and lovely. Ladies Coat With a pair of black trousers, both fresh and small woman elegant.

With 2, a long coat and candy-colored leggings

Simply paired with a blouse and candy-colored leggings can turn into a stylish retro girl.

With 3, leopard tattoo women's long coat + Black foot pants

Hot leopard stripes can also show noble and enchanting, under a black collocation to make leopard stripes more prominent charm, Ladies Coat not only the warmth of the more strong temptation.

Women's long coats have always been one of the most essential of the classic spring, with a good dress and style. But honestly, if this year you're only limited to using a cowboy jacket. But really some out--with the fashion circle rise wear "long" do not wear a "short" trend, this year long women's coats are fashionable!

Women's long coats have always been one of the most essential of the classic spring, Ladies Coat with a good dress and style. But true, if this year you are only limited to the use of jeans short jacket to do collocation, can really some out-with the fashion circle rise wear "long" not wear "short" trend, this year's women's long coats must be long enough to fashionable!

Single product collocation: Gray women's long coat + light gray T-shirt + white hole jeans + white canvas shoes + black and white stitching handbag

Comment on: long-long sweater jacket, the most suitable to create casual and lazy dress up.

Single product collocation: Gray-Blue women's long jacket + striped dress + black slope with fish mouth heels + black Packet

Comments: Gray-Blue women's long coat and the combination of the hundred stripes, Ladies Coat to create a bright early autumn overall tone.

Single product collocation: Beige long coat + black T-shirt + black leggings+ black short boot + black handbag

Comments: Beige and black with the enduring, so rest assured that your beige sweater jacket and black single product together!

Single product collocation: Light pink Women's long coat + white shirt + blue jeans + light pink ballet shoes + light brown handbag

Comments: Light pink sweater Jacket is the most suitable for the gentle and lovely girl, with the shirt jeans are very casual.

Single-product collocation: Brown Shawl sweater coat + printing even length skirt + camel short Boot

Comment on: The brown shawl-style sweater is fitted with a deep-toned printed gown, which is dressed like an elegant woman in a French film.

Single-product collocation: Black women's long jacket + striped T-shirt + printed long skirt + black sandals + black Bag

Comment on: Tall woman wears long sweater coat most have fan son, Ladies Coat want to autumn swim you may as well match a printing skirt Oh!

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