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The Matching Of Women's Windbreaker
- Jul 28, 2017 -

How to clean women's windbreaker

1 will cotton women's windbreaker stains place immersed in warm water (40 ℃) with benzene or with cotton dipped in benzene scrub, and then wash with detergent, rinse (lukewarm) clean.

2 with cold water soaked cotton women's windbreaker stains place, Ladies Wind Coat with carbon tetrachloride or acetone gently wipe, and then wash with detergent, warm rinse

3 Cotton Women's windbreaker stains darker, can first with gasoline wipe, and then with 95% of alcohol rubbing brush, if there remains, but also need bleach cleaning. Finally with toothpaste and soap gently rub, then rinse with water. Ladies Wind Coat But it is forbidden to use boiling water.

4 when washing women's windbreaker, can first with cold water to soak a woman's windbreaker for a while, and then put in the 20℃~30℃ of washing powder, the women's windbreaker in the washing machine light wash or gently rub with the hand, note must not use washboard, also can not force twist, women's windbreaker wrinkles, damage the waterproof of women's windbreaker. Rinse thoroughly, then rinsing two times with water.

Wearing clothes without small, women's windbreaker is undoubtedly the best choice. How to match women's windbreaker? Whether it is just covering the length of the hips, or long and knee, autumn and winter are common single products, Europe and the United States tide people like to take it concave shape, with tight pants, Ladies Wind Coat baggy pants are very stylish, "atmosphere" is naturally with women's windbreaker on the upper body and show, daughter-style windbreaker, may wish to look at the European and American people's collocation.

1 Khaki Women's Windbreaker + khaki slacks

Women's windbreaker with jeans is too common, baggy trousers more novel. Khaki-coloured women's windbreaker is a little difficult to control, Ladies Wind Coat a pair of casual trousers with the color of each other, different shades of the intensity of the tonal display level, cowboy shirt collocation, is extremely handsome generous.

2 Beige Women's Windbreaker + tights

Beige women's coat with collar straps, very handsome oh. Within the brown shirt, not only color not conflict, but also fusion of elegance and whims of the two temperament, with a tight pants, more street-style sense, capable and unrestrained gas field is also very perfect.

3 Color Women's Windbreaker + slacks

The large area of blue and black stitching is visually pleasing and a little white blending is more novel. Ladies Wind Coat Paired with black slacks.

4 Smoke Grey Women's windbreaker + narrow leg pants

There is a suit style of women's windbreaker inside a cowboy shirt, British pressing, black pendant sense of the narrow-legged pants is also the ultimate free and easy.

5 Emerald Women's Windbreaker + loose jeans

This autumn and winter, Emerald is the stylish element you can't miss, and the length of the knee, echoing with heels, Ladies Wind Coat is more noticeable in the atmosphere.