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The Ratio Of Tight Pants To Legs
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Tight pants can foil the body curve, especially tights can outline the curve of the waist, so that their hips appear more perfect, so that the legs appear slender. So women enjoy.

Tight pants are the focus of the current season, changing the role of the former supporting, this season's tight pants is to create a variety of different styles of the necessary items. But keep in mind that the trend is just the trend, not the trend of things you wear on the good-looking, Pants Leggings tight pants this thing in general, more suitable for the perfect figure of women.

Tight pants are more remarkable for the personality and characteristics of the younger sister, Pants Leggings adding a better sense of beauty.

Cotton linen fabric tight pants wear not only comfortable more breathable, so squat sit is compared to arbitrary, blue jeans and black color compared to the words more prominent young state and sense of vitality, Pants Leggings also very reduced age color long cardigan, elongated leg ratio, looks very thin

Never think that tights are for temptation! In fact, tight pants for the female body condition to be quite good! If, there is no concave and convex body, is not to wear aesthetic feeling! Oriental women, hips larger. Therefore, a pair of tight trousers, can be very good feminine line beauty, show out! In addition, Pants Leggings because of the excellent elasticity of tight trousers, it is very convenient to walk.

More significantly thin and high, especially delicate and elegant small and fresh, sweet and lovely, is the daily life, fitting the feminine body line, can let oneself be different, Pants Leggings the body door lapel buckle design, temperament so wear out, Korean version of Skinny pants, like this collocation.

A very comfortable pair of tights, rather thin, wear a second to grow long legs, and quite critical point is equal to its length is not in the ankle to a pile of folds, not only to share or a good decoration products, beloved cat, no longer be troubled by the posture.

Tight trousers are of various styles, white is expensive! Because, wearing white tights, it takes courage! If your measurements is not up to par, suggest giving up the idea. If you have the Devil's body! Then, be sure to choose a pair of white tights! Because, you can wear a noble temperament, Pants Leggings as well as amorous feelings of the woman's taste of million kinds.

Super well-behaved a nine-minute casual tights, the temperament is so sweet to wear out. This feature is still in its trouser leg fork design, this is one of the highlights of this section, so full of lingering charm of sportswear. Feel special sweet and lovely, simply not too perfect, with simple low heel sandals, sweet and elegant temperament immediately came out.

Wear tight pants. Remember the following points:

1. With loose super short dress, princess skirt, plus high heels most attractive.

2. With miniskirts, flat shoes are the cutest.

3. A formal dress is also a must.

4. Tight trousers are not trousers, they can't be worn as trousers, Pants Leggings so they must not show their farts.

5. Do not wear color printed tight trousers, the legs are thick.

6. Do not wear transparent tight trousers, not to wear the 80 's mercerized tights, no matter what color.