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Tight Pants With Little Tips
- Jul 18, 2017 -

Cotton and linen fabric tight pants wear not only comfortable and more breathable, so squatting are more arbitrary, blue jeans and black compared to the words more prominent young and angry sense, the same is also the age of color in the long paragraph cardigan, The proportion of lengthened legs looks very thin

A very comfortable tights, quite thin, put on the second change in the long legs, and quite important point is equal to its length can not be hung in the ankle at a pile of folds, Pants Leggings not only combined or a good equipment Juan products, beloved cat, no longer be distressed.

Tight pants style and diverse, white as expensive! Because, wearing a white tights, is the need for courage! If your measurements are not up to standard, it is recommended to give up this idea. If you have the devil figure! Well, be sure to choose a white tights! Because, you can wear clothing noble temperament, as well as the style of thousands of women taste.

Super well-behaved a nine-point casual tights, temperament so sweet to wear out. Pants Leggings This feature is still in its trousers fork design, this is one of the highlights of this paragraph, so full of charm of sportswear. Feeling particularly sweet and lovely, just not too perfect, with simple low-heeled sandals, Pants Leggings sweet and elegant temperament immediately came out.

Once the psychologists have done research, found the formation of the first impression of the prime time - 30 seconds and 4 minutes. In the first meeting to meet, the other side in the 30 seconds to get along, you can determine and your appointment will be happy (a meeting there is a conclusion). Pants Leggings And only need 4 minutes, the first impression on you almost has been formed. Some people probably summed up the boys hope to meet for the first time, will tend to fresh, clean, natural, simple dress. Of course, do not rule out some people like to have mature feminine. Like to wear tights to participate in dating girls to see over, Xiao Bian here to properly introduce some tights with skills.

The first: small fresh = tight pants + lotus leaf blouse + high heels

If the girls are the first time to participate in the appointment, you can take a conservative dress. Dress up mainly in the "simple, clean and generous" based. Tights are best to light-based, white is the best, giving a clean, pure feeling. Coupled with the lotus leaf jacket, Pants Leggings it will give a fresh and natural feeling. In addition with high heels will add a bit elegant temperament, it is suitable for dating wear Oh

The second kind: dry type = tight pants + shirt or T shirt + high heels or flat shoes

For some girls like to wear a more capable style of clothing, you can wear a sleeveless shirt in the shirt or a thin coat of thin. Also wear black or white tights. As long as do not give people the feeling of drag on the line. If the girls have a waist 4A, you can try to waist with a belt, but also to enhance the female ability to practice a little mature charm.

The third: cute type = long coat + tight pants + flat shoes

Casual women long coat, jacket can be placed under a bow, take a white base, under the tight pants, the overall look casual and lovely.

Above is just some tights with a small skill, purely personal advice. As long as they feel good and comfortable to wear just fine. Dating time, in addition to pay attention to the dress, Pants Leggings the behavior should pay attention. In addition to the appearance can be attractive, of course, even the internal can also attract people, this is the best personal charm.

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