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Tights Make Your Legs Look Slender
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Match and purchase

Because the tight pants can bring out the body curve, especially the tight pants to outline the lower body curve, so that their waist and hip look more perfect, so that the legs look slender; so won the female favorite, but if you wear it will be exposed Own shortcomings.

Tight pants is the focus of this season's trend, change the role of the past, this season's tight pants can create a variety of different styles must have a single product. Pants Leggings But to remember that the trend is only the trend; not the trend of things you wear on the look, tight pants this thing from the whole, more suitable for the perfect body of women, for the poor women, is undoubtedly your Disadvantages are exposed to the sun.

Usually said tight pants, as large as there are two: one can be used as pants to wear, Pants Leggings one can only be used as socks to wear, also known as pantyhose.

For pants can be used as pants to wear tight pants, because the entire buttocks can be exposed outside, so be sure to pay attention to the choice of underwear, Pants Leggings you can choose some flat-bottomed pants or no trace of light underwear, do not let the hips have obvious Lines appear. Otherwise it will make your elegant style failed.

For pantyhose pants, do not put the buttocks on the outside, and use the coat to cover the buttocks. Otherwise, the high elasticity of the pantyhose will expose your body, it is very unsightly. Legs thicker women, do not choose color printing tights, because the color printing will make people feel more thick legs. However, Pants Leggings any thing has two sides, for the legs of the smaller women, the color printing of the tights is a good choice of friends.

Transparent high tights, try not to wear, because it is bad women's clothing style, to avoid others that you exposed mad.

Choose your tights according to your body

Slim, symmetrical women who can wear.

A full-bodied woman advises you to wear dark, tonal pants.

Small belly prominent women the best choice for high waist tight pants, legs thick choice of flexible tights.

If you simply want to wear tights or tight skirts do not reveal the traces of underwear, to choose a few comfortable "basic models" tight pants. If it is for the above purpose, Pants Leggings do not choose too fancy. Can be properly selected design simple, cotton. Oh, not well. Although wide, but after all, is a tight pants, wearing still no trace of the. This is what I said "basic models" of the.

Pure cotton breathable, soft and comfortable. Will give you personal protection. Many for good looking, will choose lace or yarn nylon stretch of transparent tights. Of course, this tight pants than the cotton style, visual effects super shock. Wearing tight pants is not to look good sexy thing.

To have a cotton lining. Do not choose the size of the tight pants. The reason is very simple, if the size is too small, not only waist where there is tight, buttocks there is also very tight.

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