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Tips For Choosing Tight Pants
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Tights, also known as leggings, are tight trousers from the waist to the foot. Because it is dressed like pantyhose, it is also known as internal socks, bottomless socks.

Why do women like to wear tights?

1, because tight pants can set off the body curve, especially tights can outline the bottom of the curve, so that their hips appear more perfect, so that the legs appear slender; so women love it, but if you don't wear them, you'll expose your flaws.

2, tight pants is the focus of the recent trend, Pants Leggings changing the previous supporting role, this season's tights can create a variety of different styles of the necessary items. Pants Leggings But keep in mind that the trend is just the trend; it's not the trendy stuff, you look good on it, skinny pants. In general, the more suitable for the body of the perfect woman, for the poor figure, it is no doubt that your shortcomings exposed to the sun.

Selection Techniques:

1, slim, shapely women can wear any kind.

2, the plump body of women suggest you wear dark, concise style tight trousers.

3, small belly belly prominent women best choice waist tight pants, Pants Leggings legs thicker choice elastic tights.


For tights leggings, do not show your hips outside, but cover your hips with your coat. Otherwise, high elasticity pantyhose will expose your body, it is very unsightly. Pants Leggings Women with thicker legs, do not choose color-printed tights, because color printing in the visual can make people feel thicker legs. However, there are two sides to anything, for women with thin legs, color printing tights are a good choices.

Tight pants are more remarkable for the personality and characteristics of the younger sister, Pants Leggings adding a better sense of beauty