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What Is The Difference Between Cashmere Coats And Wool Coats?
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The difference between cashmere coats and wool coats is the difference in raw materials. Cashmere and wool are different raw materials.

The main differences between the two are as follows:

(1) The scale arrangement of wool is tighter and thicker than cashmere, and its fluffing property is larger than that of cashmere. The scales of the cashmere fiber are small and smooth, and there is an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so that the weight is light and the hand feels slippery.

(2) The degree of curl of the wool is smaller than that of the cashmere, and the number of curls, crimping rate and curl recovery of the cashmere fiber are large, and it is suitable for processing into a knitwear with fullness, softness and elasticity, which is comfortable and natural to wear. It has good reducing properties, especially in the aspects of not shrinking after washing and good shape retention. Because cashmere has a high degree of natural curl, it is closely arranged in the spinning and weaving, so the cohesion is good, so the warmth is good, 1.5 times to 2 times that of wool.

(3) The cortex content of cashmere is higher than that of wool. The rigidity of cashmere fiber is better than that of wool, that is, cashmere is softer than wool.

(4) The unevenness of the fineness of cashmere is smaller than that of wool, and the appearance quality of the product is better than that of wool.

(5) The cashmere fiber has uniform fineness, its density is smaller than that of wool, and its cross section is mostly regular round, and its products are lighter than wool products.

(6) Cashmere has better hygroscopicity than wool, and it can absorb dye sufficiently and is not easy to fade. The moisture regain rate is high and the resistance value is relatively large.

(7) The acid resistance and alkali resistance of wool are better than that of cashmere. When it is oxidant and reducing agent, it is less damaged than cashmere.

(8) Generally, the pilling resistance of the wool product is better than that of the cashmere product, but the felting shrinkage is large.