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Wide-legged Pants, And A Stash Of Meat
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Broad-legged trousers: It is the same width from thigh to bottom of trousers. The name is the broad trousers. Loose outlines make you look more concise in the atmosphere. Broad leg pants is the problem figure of the savior, help you decorate the imperfect leg type, loose pants intimate style and waist, let the whole dress very thin.

Perhaps some people think that the broad-legged pants only mature and elegant style, but this is the old impression, now the broad-legged pants after continuous evolution, loose pants with the style of the girl's department. For example, this is full of the girl's Breath of the nine-point leg pants, can make your ankle fine, because its trousers is too big.

The characteristics of the broad-legged pants are relaxed and thin summer wear more breathable, it and straight jeans The difference is that the size of the are different of course their design is different size will have different.

Broad-legged trousers are optional, but if the jacket is long, loose pants it must be Shi into the trousers. With sneakers or canvas shoes, is full of Han Fan.

Broad-legged trousers can be used as casual pants and can be attended the formal occasion, hundred and hide meat, wearing a very comfortable and pull the wind! Brown red + black coat, gas field unstoppable!

To wear broad-legged pants, to choose the right hip circumference, the following with the muffin shoes, fashion shoes, high heels will not collapse, loose pants and can cover the O-shaped legs, X-shaped legs yo, thighs fat and other shortcomings;

Broad-legged trousers with a long long vest with a color, a white shirt inside, looks particularly elegant fashion.

Broad-legged trousers with a short long sleeve jacket, very formal and stylish feeling, especially the design of the high waist to make your legs look exceptionally slender.

Wide-legged trousers with black tops, composed of a cool black background wall, a long gray knitted coat wrapped in the outside, wrapped your fashion also for you locked the temperature, loose pants if the color tone is too dim, followed by the fashion Tatsu people with small white shoes to light collocation is wise Oh!