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Wide-legged Pants Are The Best Dress For Casual Lovers
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Leg pants to create perfect legs

1 Blue leg pants in the comfort and cool at the same time, give the visual contraction effect, to meet your comfort in wearing, but also have the charm of the legs. Put on high heels and you will be able to meet the requirements at the same time.

2 sporty mm can choose nylon or cotton fabric material, let you look casual and vibrant. With a baseball cap, or an exaggerated sunglasses, it's not just a way to make you look more stylish, loose pants but to stop the scorching summer.

3 want to wear comfortable, but also want to expose the legs of the MM can choose the broad-legged trousers, loose design can make the whole leg looks more slender, loose pants coupled with the words can immediately change the fashion up.

4 broad leg pants with tight short T-shirt, is immediately let you have a slender waist and then add beautiful legs perfect combination. With high heels, you can instantly get tall and moving.

5 wide leg pants with canvas shoes, casual enthusiasts are the best dress up, suitable for shopping dates and many other occasions. Whether it's a T-shirt or a shirt, you can wear a personal style.

6 linen broad leg pants to casual style added a sense of professional, loose pants is both want to dress up, and want to comfortable ol choice. Beige linen with cotton tops is the most appropriate.

Today's little series to teach you to understand the broad leg pants, according to their size to choose broad-legged trousers, in fact, loose pants not all of the body is suitable for the broad leg pants, the following three kinds will cross the ugly.

1. People with wide waist and thick hips

To know that the width of the leg is very strong, even if it is overweight people, the legs are not too straight, as long as the waist is not thick and broad can be harnessed, even completely cover up the shortcomings of your leg, but if you have a wider crotch, waist is thicker, loose pants then the beauty of the female curve may not be expressed, the whole trousers shape appears legs up and down general thick, Even the crotch is propped tightly, the waist is piled full of fat, so it looks like the whole body proportion is uncoordinated, no sense of beauty, loose pants then the broad leg pants played to enlarge the role of your body defects, so the waist width of the person is not suitable to wear broad leg pants.

2. A person with short legs and a small neck

I am talking about the short leg refers to the body proportion of short legs, if the calf is short, it has a greater impact on the five-width leg pants, because the broad-legged trousers pull wide horizontal distance, itself will highlight the characteristics of short legs, loose pants at the same time with the pair of shoes to the effect of broad leg pants, generally speaking, we wear broad leg trousers do not wear a round head flat bottom casual shoes, Instead, wear high heels, because such shoes will modify your legs and have a visually vertical stretch effect. loose pants If your foot is very small, it will also appear top-heavy, so the short legs and neck of the person is not suitable for wearing broad leg pants.

3, shoulders too wide body too plump person

In general, we wear broad-legged pants to match a more self-cultivation clothes, or the color and broad leg pants have a sharp contrast to the top, such a tight, a light color, a flower, not only the visual conflict and aesthetic feeling, but also appear to be very slender body, if you shoulder too wide body too plump, loose pants The expression of the broad-legged trousers, the proportion of the body will also appear very uncoordinated, the curve of the beauty of women will not be revealed, so the shoulders too wide body too plump people are not suitable to wear broad leg pants.