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Wide-legged Pants Make You Look Casual And Energetic
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Wide leg pants--to create the perfect leg type

1 Blue leg pants in the comfort and cool at the same time, give the visual contraction effect, to meet your comfort in wearing, but also have the charm of the legs. Put on high heels and you will be able to meet the requirements at the same time.

2 sporty mm can choose nylon or cotton fabric material, let you look casual and vibrant. With a baseball cap, or an exaggerated sunglasses, it's not just a way to make you look more stylish, loose pants but to stop the scorching summer.

3 want to wear comfortable, but also want to expose the legs of the MM can choose the broad-legged trousers, loose design can make the whole leg looks more slender, coupled with the words can immediately change the fashion up.

4 broad leg pants with tight short T-shirt, loose pants is immediately let you have a slender waist and then add beautiful legs perfect combination. With high heels, you can instantly get tall and moving.

5 wide leg pants with canvas shoes, casual enthusiasts are the best dress up, suitable for shopping dates and many other occasions. Whether it's a T-shirt or a shirt, you can wear a personal style.

6 linen broad leg pants to casual style added a sense of professional, loose pants is both want to dress up, and want to comfortable ol choice. Beige linen with cotton tops is the most appropriate.

Many women in real life will choose to wear some clothing to cover their own shortcomings or to highlight their own advantages. Among them, the broad-legged pants is the heart of many women, this is because it can not only cover the many defects in our legs, and it can lengthen the visual effect of our legs, loose pants we look more slim. However, many of the pants bought from the mall are very inconsistent with their own mind, then we can personally do to cut out the pants we want.

In fact, the biggest advantage of this pair of trousers is its smooth lines, which can cover up our big thick legs. So when we cut this pair of trousers, we must trim the edges neatly so that the trousers can be made more cleanly. In addition, we should choose the width of the broad-legged trousers according to the circumference of our legs. Generally speaking, the width of pants is bigger than the circumference of our legs, loose pants because only in this way can we look more fashionable.

At the same time, we should choose the length of the trousers according to the length of our legs. In fact, there are many kinds of broad-legged trousers, some trousers can cover the foot, loose pants and some trousers only to the ankle. If we usually like to wear some high-heeled shoes, then we'd better choose to cut the broad-legged trousers longer, so that we can make our legs look longer.