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Women's Long Coat Style And More
- Jun 21, 2017 -

How do women buy women's long coat? Women's long coat wear stress? Today, easy to take you to see the ladies women's long coat.

Speaking of women's long coat of the purchase, it is necessary to mention the origin of women's long coat, then it is easy to look together and look good women's long coat of the history of the development of it The emergence of women's long coat, in the first world war, the British army often in the rainy weather in the hard trench war. In order to adapt the military uniforms to the war environment, Britain has a clothing businessman named Tobas Barbagne, designed for the trench with a waterproof coat, foreign these are called "trench coat". This coat is the first style of the front double-breasted, collar can open (foreign called this collar for the "Napoleon" collar), Ladies Coat a belt, before and after the shoulder, shoulder loop, sleeve loop, Badges, on the chest and back cover cloth, to prevent the penetration of rain, hem larger, easy to move.

Later, this style of women's long coat with the changes of the times, gradually evolved and popular to the folk and become a life clothing, and become the world's first set of men's women's fashionable dress. Women's long coat in the beginning of popular folk, to win the ladies of love and love, as their wardrobe "darling", some men are also unwilling, so women's long jacket to become people chasing fashion, enduring, has been Continue to today. Ladies Coat How many years have passed, although the women's long coat is now a wide variety of styles, but thousands of changes, but the change is not the case, the design basis is still trench coat style.

The development of women's long coat has been a hundred years of history, time and women's long coat style is changing, the general length can be divided into short section, conventional, Ladies Coat long section, long section. And by version type also have self-cultivation, straight, loose, bat type, skirt type, high waist type, cloak type. More casual style, Europe and the United States, Korean, college, simple, elegant, retro, art, sweet, ladies and so numerous.

And in the day we buy women's long coat and what skills? Discount easy to talk about online shopping bar, I think a lot of people will go online shopping.

1. online shopping women's long coat we generally want to determine the length of their intention to buy clothes, is a short paragraph or a long section, etc., and then in front of the length you want the long coat type, such as: Slim in the long Women's long coat or long women's long coat can be self-cultivation.

2. Search for the information we want, we have to pick the shop, after all, now a lot of high imitation clothes, imitation is better than the real thing, Ladies Coat so the choice of the shop is still very important, the preferred can choose monthly sales is not very high Of the shop, and open a long time

Description, service logistics three indicators are red. Followed by high sales, although there may be brush sales, but the high sales are basically a lot of people really wear, or very worthy of reference.

3. Second, we have to look at the clothes simple information:

To see what material, version type, thickness, style, etc. is their own want, of course, this information is for reference only, some businesses write information is not accurate or false,

4. We look at the details of the clothes, Ladies Coat and do not look at the model to wear more good-looking, because it is useless, everyone dressing effect is different, look at the details to see if the fabric is written as described above , You can also look at the buyer show, look clothes cloth.

5. The final is the selection of size, and generally the best is to ask customer service, ask to wear large yards, you can also look at the size of the table, for their own look at the inappropriate, but there are many clothes business plans easy, details are the same size , So it is only worthy of our reference, and finally there is a look at the buyer show, look at and your body almost people, how to wear, this is very important, buyers can directly see the clothes upper body is not good.

After all, some upper body effect we are still very flattered.

Then the next fold easy to talk about how to buy physical store long coat it.

1. The simplest principle is fancy you like, you see that style like, go try, women's long coat size is generally to see the shoulder width and chest, so try it is very important. Try to get if you like, then look at the price, cut bargain, the right to buy.

2. Women's long coat of cloth is also very important point, ladies women's long coat with more of the Jinmian, outdoor women's long coat is commonly used in coated nylon or coated polyester, casual women long Coat is mainly cotton-based. The following are the same as the "

Women's long coat all kinds of fabrics Introduction:

A, Jinmian is made of nylon silk and pure cotton yarn in the air-jet loom intertwined, is the production of casual wear, fashion ideal materials. The following are the same as the "

B, nylon is a polyamide fiber (nylon) of a statement can be made of long fiber or staple fiber. The following are the same as the "

C, cotton cloth, woven with cotton yarn. Is the general term for all kinds of cotton textiles. It is used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. Its advantages are easy to keep warm, soft, moisture, breathability is very good. The following are the same as the "

Attachment: female long coat Washing method:

⑴, the female long coat stains immersed in warm water (40 ℃) with benzene or cotton dipped in benzene scrub, and then washed with detergent, water (warm water) rinse.

⑵, with cold water soaked women long coat stains, with carbon tetrachloride or acetone gently wipe, and then wash the detergent, warm water rinse.

⑶, women's long coat dark stains, you can first use gasoline to wipe, and then 95% alcohol rubbing, if surviving remains, need to use bleach powder cleaning. Finally, gently rub with toothpaste and soap, Ladies Coat then rinse with water. But is strictly prohibited with open blisters. The following are the same as the "

⑷, washing women's long coat, you can first use cold water to wear a long coat of women for a while, and then 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ in the warm water into the detergent, the women's long coat on the washing machine light wash or hand light Gently rubbing, pay attention must not use the washboard, can not force screw, women's long coat wrinkles, destruction of women's long coat waterproof. After washing, rinse twice with water.

3. This is also a very important price, easy to recommend the best easy to go two stores, compare the price, can bargain to cut the bargain, after all, most of the clothes owner or a lot of profit margins, and earn some money easy.

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