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Women's Windbreaker Has A Clear Waist
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Women's windbreaker has a history of a century, now it seems, the most withstand the test of time. Its style, Fabric has its own unique language, in the glimpse will be able to impress; its practicality is unparalleled, in the hot and cold most difficult day autumn, a women's windbreaker casual wear off, rain or shine, can accompany you to travel Tianya, can also casually phi to the street.

Women's windbreaker has now shown many new features. Take the World women's Windbreaker series pioneer Fog as an example, this once in the "Soul Broken Bridge" played a classic role in the brand this season in retaining the traditional and classic style on the basis of more emphasis on "people-oriented" concept. Ladies Wind Coat Color to Khaki green as the keynote to Navy, blue, gray, beige, brown mainly, very easy to match with the suit, to create a stable, cordial but not dull feeling. Fabrics on the use of the international popular High-tech fabrics, cotton-oriented blended fabrics have both the comfort of cotton, and very easy to wash. Ladies Wind Coat The most innovative is the fog this season advocated the able, neat short women windbreaker, its length in the knee above $number centimeters, very convenient for motorists to wear, lapel, dark row buckle design for the urban business family to provide more choice opportunities.

In the new century, fog more emphasis on the functional and comfort of women's windbreaker. Women's windbreaker built-in mobile bag and umbrella bag more in line with ergonomics, Ladies Wind Coat to meet the needs of urban people's personalized life. And fog is most proud of the excellent waterproof function, advanced waterproof coating has maintained a waterproof function, but also increased the softness and comfort, Ladies Wind Coat in the women's windbreaker to splash the experiment, the water droplets all rolled off the scene is amazing.

Women's windbreaker is a kind of clothing, suitable for Yuchun, autumn, winter out wearing, women's windbreaker a kind of wind-resistant thin coat. Also known as raincoat. Ladies Wind Coat More popular clothing in recent twenty or thirty years.

Women's windbreaker Style: There are two kinds, one is over the shoulder, one is not over the shoulder. Over the shoulder in the division of the horizontal Line division, Ladies Wind Coat you can highlight the shoulder lines, showing the able side. Before and after the shoulder more use of double-layer, some in front and back slices with a section of shoulder water, not only to increase the shoulder fastness, but also to prevent rain cold.

Introduction to the characteristics of women's windbreaker

Similar to the coat, women's windbreaker has a clear waist, the hem is wider, more concise than the coat, flexible, more changes; the shape of women's windbreaker mostly adopts the principle of cutting slice. Women's windbreaker is more flexible line segmentation.

Most women's windbreaker selection of beige, Shan white, Ladies Wind Coat with a beautiful color of clothes, scarf, scarf or tie. Dark blue, navy, purple, Earth red, olive green, silver and other color of women's windbreaker and other colors have appeared. The bag type and collar type, the clothing modelling knot agency and the shoulder loop, belt and so on accessories, must unify the coordination.

Women's windbreaker has a collar, close collar, Ladies Wind Coat interrupts barge and so on. The collar, the neckline is closed, do not decorate, give a person with a rigorous and stable feeling, close the collar, can be closed, make people feel comfortable and convenient; interrupts feeder, not only the collar angle, the style of the head is many, and there are double, single row buckle and four-grain buckle, five-grain buckle.