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Women's Windbreaker History Has Been A Century
- Jul 18, 2017 -

Women's Windbreaker History Has Been A Century

Autumn wind rains, days warm days cold elusive, in order to solve this problem may try women's windbreaker coat, women's windbreaker line simple, moderate thickness, create temperament is also very suitable for work time to wear Oh!

Retro-printed women's windbreaker coat, the charm of the printing pattern, wear in the body big style, a kind of Europe and the United States. Inside a white shirt, black leather skirt, black stockings and high heels, black single shoulder bag, super gas field.

White women's windbreaker decorative lotus leaf side, the belt of the long women's windbreaker, simple and neat feeling, inside a fluorescent yellow dress slightly exposed skirt edge. Ladies Wind Coat The unique temperament is very good-looking.

Able to cut short hair, outstanding appearance. Nude powder color long women windbreaker coat, wrapped tight posture, high waist corsets not only highlighted the waist line, but also pulled up the body line curve, coupled with the simple lines, highlighting the beauty of bone, mixed with calf jeans, Ladies Wind Coat make its body more slender oh.

Long hair into a high meatball head, easy to reduce age 10 years. Candy-toned women's windbreaker jacket with a pure white series of T-shirts, simple casual, to wear a pair of jeans nine trousers is suitable for the overall style, eye-candy to reduce the age collocation method.

Women's windbreaker has a history of a century, now it seems, the most withstand the test of time. Its style, Fabric has its own unique language, in the glimpse will be able to impress; Ladies Wind Coat its practicality is unparalleled, in the hot and cold most difficult day autumn, Ladies Wind Coat a women's windbreaker casual wear off, rain or shine, can accompany you to travel Tianya, can also casually phi to the street.

Women's windbreaker has now shown many new features. Take the World women's Windbreaker series pioneer Fog as an example, this once in the "Soul Broken Bridge" played a classic role in the brand this season in retaining the traditional and classic style on the basis of more emphasis on "people-oriented" concept. Color to Khaki green as the keynote to Navy, blue, gray, beige, brown mainly, very easy to match with the suit, to create a stable, Ladies Wind Coat cordial but not dull feeling. Fabrics on the use of the international popular High-tech fabrics, cotton-oriented blended fabrics have both the comfort of cotton, and very easy to wash. The most innovative is the fog this season advocated the able, neat short women windbreaker, its length in the knee above $number centimeters, Ladies Wind Coat very convenient for motorists to wear, lapel, dark row buckle design for the urban business family to provide more choice opportunities.

In the new century, fog more emphasis on the functional and comfort of women's windbreaker. Women's windbreaker built-in mobile bag and umbrella bag more in line with ergonomics, to meet the needs of urban people's personalized life. And fog is most proud of the excellent waterproof function, advanced waterproof coating has maintained a waterproof function, but also increased the softness and comfort, in the women's windbreaker to splash the experiment, the water droplets all rolled off the scene is amazing.

Korean Women's windbreaker story in Europe, Japan, men will have an average of more than three women's windbreaker, it is like a suit, shirt, men are inseparable from the costumes, but also they show their style and taste of a carrier. Many people do not dare to try women's windbreaker, thought that must be a tall man's patent, in fact, as long as the women's windbreaker have some understanding, find tips, any body wear women's windbreaker will be very type, bring out the historical accumulation of grace. Ladies Wind Coat A trance in the brain sweeps through the film. From "men wearing women's windbreaker" to "North Africa spy film", did not expect their own fixed as a movie-like landscape.

Women's windbreaker is originally a functional clothing windproof waterproof, the traditional view that women's windbreaker originated in the 1000 BC in northern Europe. However, at that time, women's windbreaker in fact tended to aristocratic Clamis shape, and some of the ancient Chinese cloak is not far away, the true meaning of the women's windbreaker, but originated from the working people. The ancient women's windbreaker is entirely for practical purposes, the fabric is dense and thick fabric, the style is also more functional, so that the people wearing it can resist the wind and rain attack, but also can move freely, complete a variety of labor. After this, Ladies Wind Coat the birth of the classic clothing is widely used by national armies. During the First World War, the British Army often fought hard trenches in the rainy weather. In order to adapt the army's military uniform to the war environment, Britain has a cloth merchant, designed a waterproof coat for trench use, which is called "trench clothing" abroad. 1918 was officially adopted by the British Army. The original style of this kind of coat is the double row buckle, Ladies Wind Coat the collar can open can be off, have belt, shoulder loop, sleeve loop, insert shoulder sleeve, have badges, on the chest and back have covered cloth, in order to prevent rainwater infiltration, hem larger, easy to activities. At that time, this kind of overcoat is limited to men's wear, with the changes of the times gradually evolved and popular in the civil, won the ladies of the favor and love, and eventually become the pursuit of fashion, enduring, has continued to date. Ladies Wind Coat Despite the variety of women's windbreaker, the design is still the style of trench coats.

Women's windbreaker-buy

A women's windbreaker, the number of wear off every day will not be less than 4 times, so, the quality of the zipper, directly affect the life of women's windbreaker---Women's windbreaker zipper is generally very long, if broken, take to replace, the general store may not find the appropriate zipper. Even if the length of the appropriate zipper, because to open the line of clothes to replace the feet, again suture, it will destroy the overall beauty. Therefore, when buying women's windbreaker, be sure to see, zipper is not the use of YKK card---YKK is the top brand zipper, the use of YKK zipper Women's windbreaker, the quality must be guaranteed. Similarly, in the selection of women's windbreaker, be sure to try a handcuff button. Not too loose, not too tight. Good women's Windbreaker brand in the production of women's windbreaker, will be sent to the production of fabric button manufacturers, Ladies Wind Coat please them according to the fabric to match the appropriate button, in order not to pass a few times, the cloth is handcuffed button.

A good women's windbreaker, must be waterproof. How to make the fabric both soft and waterproof, each home has its own secret recruit. But one thing is certain, when buying a women's windbreaker, you can ask the salesperson to pour water into the women's windbreaker to test the degree of waterproofing. If the water in women's windbreaker rolling, like the drop on the lotus leaf, then, you can in the rain in the weather, only with a pieces of women's windbreaker out.

The bonding liner in the adhesive liner is not visible when purchased, but its quality also determines the lifespan of women's windbreaker. If the producers use a poor adhesive liner, washed one or two times, the bonding liner will be separated from the door flap, making "No. First part" crumpled. Do you still have to wear this kind of women's windbreaker? "Passers-by" Women's windbreaker, the selection is Germany's "Treasure Ling" bonding liner. How a good method, the expert's argument is too professional, not to understand the moment. However, one thing is very audible--"Po Ling" in the provision of bonding lining, it will require manufacturers to provide samples of fabric, because the different fabrics suitable for the bonding liner.

Although the women's windbreaker is the first to rise from Europe, but the European version of Women's windbreaker, but not necessarily for the Chinese. For the collar, the Asian neck is generally shorter than the Europeans, so the collar may be too long to wear a European version of the women's windbreaker. According to the "passers-by" measurement, Chinese men buy a collar of women's windbreaker, the choice of collar height is generally 6 centimeters. Other details to be noted in the selection are: The collar should be rounded and evenly spaced from the rear, Ladies Wind Coat and the sleeves should be 1-2 centimeters longer than the clothes inside, and the shoulders should be flat and put on to raise the arm to see if there is any pressure on the shoulders. Women's windbreaker with elegant demeanor--the eldest daughter style windbreaker with the length of the trousers or the middle skirt.

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